Bringing your dream wedding in Tuscany to life is our beating heart. I am Giovanni Impagliazzo Wedding Planner in Tuscany and my world revolves around creating unique moments of love and connection. In Florence, in the heart of romantic Italy, every wedding finds its own voice, its own story and its own enchantment. From the energy of the early planning stages to the most delicate details, we are the passionate guardians of your desires. With our expert hands and a network of talented suppliers, we create bespoke magic, so that every look, every laugh and every promise is embellished with beauty that is yours alone. Come with us on this journey, where your love will unite with the timeless charm of Tuscany.


“The bride and groom choose me because they want their wedding to be unique, precious and to be admired, just like a work of art.”

Every wedding is unrepeatable, which is why it deserves to have an aesthetic end result equal to that dreamed of, directed by a director with academic training who knows how to listen to desires and turn them first into designs and then into reality.

My bride and groom are looking for an event with a high level of design and an experienced professional who can personally take care of the aesthetics of their wedding.

The bride and groom invest in the wedding and deserve peace of mind and certainty, as do their guests who deserve to have a dream experience.




The Wedding Art Director is the fusion of the Wedding Designer and the Wedding Planner, a figure who can give you the guarantee of the wedding you have always dreamt of with the help of graphic illustrations with which you will preview what the long-awaited day will be like: no more unpleasant surprises, expectation will be reality.

“The things I design for brides and grooms are my outlet, one of the few things that seems to help me express the pain I have carried inside for years turned into magic.”

“I believe that in order to find out who we are we must first be honest with ourselves, that is the truth.”

“I need to create dreams, to help others in creating them, to express all my inner emotions in art.”

What Giovanni Impagliazzo’s Full Service includes for your wedding in Tuscany

What we offer is a personalised full service, to realise in the best possible way an event that reflects you, designed and planned down to the smallest detail. Thanks to my studies in Architecture and the high level of experience I have gained over time, I can guarantee you the utmost attention to every aspect of your wedding, from setting up the first ideas to the choice of location to catering, from decoration to the choice of flowers, from music to lighting.
Wedding Planner Tuscany

Tuscany location scouting service for your wedding

The full service includes the professional service of finding the perfect location for your special event. My mission is to help you find the ideal location for your wedding. Our wide selection of locations in Tuscany offers a variety of options to suit the needs of every couple.

We specialise in offering our clients only the best locations to guarantee an unforgettable experience for you and your guests.

catering in toscana

Catering research service and menù creation for your wedding

I offer a catering research service for events such as weddings and customised events. I specialise in planning and organising unique and customised events for my brides and grooms, and my catering research service is designed to meet the needs of couples who want the highest quality catering for their event. I strive to seek out and select only the best caterers in the area to ensure an unforgettable dining experience for you and your guests.

The services included in the full service to realise your wedding in Tuscany also include many other aspects that are often the most complex to manage or represent important details that should never be forgotten to realise a perfect event.

Together with my team, we will manage all the logistics of your event as well as help you manage the more technical issues such as cost and time management. Among the most important aspects concerning this aspect of the event are:

Study and realisation of the exclusive wedding design;

Management and optimisation of your wedding budget;

Inspections and meetings with suppliers to better prepare the event;

Creation of an event time-line, so that you always have an eye on the organisation and timing;

Coordination of suppliers so you only have to think about enjoying your event;

Wedding Website with private domain and complete RSVP;

Organisation and management of guest logistics with transfer planning for guests and the bride and groom;

Supervision and coordination of suppliers and the event on your wedding day.

Among the less logistical but very important aspects for the perfect realisation of a wedding that can respect your dreams and ideas, there is also an important phase of research and study to be able to realise not only the perfect wedding, but also to take care of the smallest details such as the study and creation of graphics for invitations, menus, and all the aspects related to the smallest details of your wedding.





Organising a wedding in Tuscany means research and study to guarantee the bride and groom a result that meets your expectations. My experience and passion come together to guarantee an exclusive service, shaping every detail with care and attention.

With my Wedding Planner Agency in Florence, we create weddings in the most beautiful locations in Tuscany with designs tailored to the bride and groom, creating unforgettable weddings, where the art of Wedding Planning meets the magic of Tuscany, of its cities of art such as Siena, Arezzo, Lucca, Prato, Pistoia, Livorno, Empoli and Grosseto; Of its breathtaking landscapes; Of its undulating vineyards of Montalcino, Chianti, Bolgheri; Of the picturesque medieval villages of San Gimignano, Volterra, Montepulciano, Pienza to end with one of the undisputed symbols of Tuscany, the Val d’Orcia.

With the support of our agency, the Giovanni Impagliazzo Wedding Planner, your wedding will not just be an event, but a work of art that will create memories that will last forever.
My story

At the age of 7, I look at my mum and say to her: “Mum, when I grow up I want to be an architect, I want to create something magical”. Time goes by, and with my ugly, gay 14-year old appearance (incognito, but not really) I enter the technical school in 1999 full of ideas and dreams. I do not, however, take my peers into consideration. My politeness and kindness are taken as weaknesses and are cause for derision. To protect myself from all this I shut myself away in my fantasy world. With time I realise that ignorance is fought with culture. I put my whole self into what I do, a characteristic I retain.

At 20, I realise that I have made an incredible mistake of naivety, education and kindness are two powerful weapons in my possession. I am saved from the dark years of adolescence by beauty: beautiful things make me dream and live, the beauty of learning, of family, of love, the beauty of dedication. I graduate in Architecture and reach my goal, I am over the moon, but as I start work I discover that the profession is not at all creative and satisfying, it is mainly laws, papers and documents, an aseptic job and for me devoid of emotions. One has to create dreams, help others in creating them and express all inner emotions in art.

I am again taking refuge in my world of pain and emptiness. Fortunately, like winning the lottery, I meet Filippo, now my husband, who senses my malaise and urges me to throw myself into the world of marriage certain that it is the right path for me. He is right. The things I design for brides and grooms are my outlet, one of the few things that seems to help me express the pain I have carried inside for years turned into magic.
Wedding Planner Toscana







What does your service as Wedding Art Director – planner and designer consist of?
I am an architect and an aesthete. I deal from A to Z with the planning and design of weddings through the use of beauty. I realise tailor-made events for my brides and grooms and turn them into reality. Art and emotions will be the common thread and I will be with you from the beginning until after the wedding. Just like an art director.

My service is aimed at all those couples who dream of a beautiful, aesthetic, inimitable event, created on the basis of their dreams and ideas. I create and plan my events from start to finish, which is why I only accept a limited number of weddings per year.

I only perform weddings where the end result is objectively beautiful, elegant and personalised to the bride and groom.

During our first video calls, or meetings, I will listen to your every wish and on the basis of a careful analysis we will establish and level out the perfect budget for you, so that you can realise the wedding of your dreams without giving up anything.

I carry out my work as wedding planner throughout Tuscany, mainly between Florence, Siena and Lucca, but I realise weddings all over Italy

I have a creative and digital approach to wedding planning. My method derives from the world of architecture, with well-defined steps, each stage is always accompanied by drawings made by me that will bring you to the wedding day relaxed and confident that you will have a highly personalised wedding and not copied from others.

You can fill in the form on the site telling me about your dream. We will then make an appointment for a zoom videocall where you can talk to me directly.

Yes, I have a selection of trusted suppliers (flower designer, light designer, caterer, location) who guarantee me impeccable professionalism in the realisation of the wedding.

During my events I am always supported by at least 2 collaborators. Depending on requirements, I am joined by experienced external collaborators.

Yes, absolutely. We will arrange periodic video calls for all kinds of updates, as well as several in-person meetings for location selection, catering, and many, many other details.

My assignment is formalised with the signing of a contract, whereby every situation is regulated. From that moment on, our journey together officially begins.

Ideally, planning and design should start at least 12 months before the wedding date, to be sure of having the best suppliers and locations available. This does not exclude the possibility of organising a wedding even in 3 months.

Of course, using the best professionals in the industry and listening to your requests I will plan and design the event in all respects.

Of course, using the best professionals in the industry and listening to your requests I will plan and design the event in all respects.

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“…Giovanni understood right from the start what we had in mind and managed to make it become real but above all, wonderful. He always solved unforeseen problems quickly and was able to find solutions that in the end turned out to be even better than the initial plan! If we had not had his great and valuable help, we certainly would not have been able to organise and live to the full, such a special and unique moment as our wedding…”
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“…Every element, from the flowers to the food, from the music to the lighting, was simply perfect. But what made Giovanni truly special was his total dedication to us as a couple. He exceeded expectations, solving unexpected problems with grace and professionalism. He made us and our guests feel welcome and pampered throughout the entire wedding…”
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“…We didn’t want, as often happens, to arrive at the wedding day exhausted and afraid that something might go wrong and thanks to Giovanni who guided and supported us for months this didn’t happen. The guests were amazed by the organisation and design of our event and we were able to enjoy our big day without anxiety…”
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"…I already had my ideas and talking helped me define them, refine them, support certain choices and advise and direct me on others. Because, you know, it is one thing to think them and dream them, it is another to be able to build them, and he, being the true architect that he is, built the plan of a dream, artfully moulded it to my person and what we wanted for this goal. I could not have found and asked for better: Giovanni is not obvious, improvised or one among many. He has a good preparation behind him, he knows what you want even before you have finished telling your story, and he leaves nothing to chance. …”
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“…But what makes Giovanni truly exceptional was his ability to listen to us and understand our visions, but above all to allay our fears. He was able to translate our wishes into reality, exceeding our expectations. Thanks to Giovanni and his talent, my wedding was a dream come true. Every time I think back to that day, I still get emotional, remembering the smiles, the tears of joy and the timeless beauty that surrounded us…”
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“…But what made our wedding really special was the attention and affection that Giovanni showed towards us. He was more than just a Wedding Planner, he was a friend and confidant who made our day even more exciting. We couldn’t be more grateful to Giovanni for giving us the wedding of our dreams. We would not hesitate for a moment to recommend him to anyone looking for an extraordinary Wedding Planner who can turn a special day into an unforgettable experience. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, Giovanni!…”
Want to turn your wedding into a work of art?


Giovanni Impagliazzo – Wedding Planners Firenze – Via Castra, 68, 50050 Capraia e Limite (FI) – Ph. 3285439434

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